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Fumigation is just about one of the best ways of getting rid of all infestation. The process is seemingly easy where the infested area, say a room is filled up with pesticides in gas form, and then the room is shut up for a couple of minutes of hours to let the gas travel around killing the pests and the infestation. Fumigation can be used to eliminate pests from a large-scale area, say an entire building. The method is also very effective in eradicating certain kinds of pests like dry wood termites or wood borers among other such pests that are normally hard to get rid of using other methods.

The process of fumigation is not too different to other methods. Whatever professional pest killer you hire, they will first identify the pest, the scale of damage done and further threat of more damage. Then they will need to figure how to seal the infected area so that the process of fumigation can take place properly. Next gaseous pesticide is released into the air, and the area is quickly sealed away. Fumigation techniques difference from building to building and lets not forget about tent fumigation. In this a tent is pitched over the entire house so that poisonous gas does not escape into the neighborhood.

Depending on the intensity of the infestation, the area will be kept sealed and off limit. Then when enough time has passed, the place will be opened and the all the gaseous pesticides will be let out until only fresh air remains. After you make sure that the poisonous gas is no longer in the room, you can go inside check out the deb bugs. Now the naturally next step is to clear off the dead bugs from under the table, behind the furniture and such places. As you can see, fumigation is no child’s play and should be the work of professional experts who have years of experience.

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